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Platygonus narinoensis Stirton 1947 (peccary)

Osteichthyes - Artiodactyla - Tayassuidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 296179

Alternative combination: Selenogonus narinoensis

Full reference: R. A. Stirton. 1947. A rodent and a peccary from the Cenozoic of Colombia. Compilación de Estudios Geológicos Oficiales en Colombia 7:317-324

Belongs to Platygonus according to M. C. McKenna and S. K. Bell 1997

Sister taxa: Platygonus bicalcaratus, Platygonus brachirostris, Platygonus chapadmalensis, Platygonus cinctus, Platygonus compressus, Platygonus cumberlandensis, Platygonus intermedius, Platygonus kraglievichi, Platygonus marplatensis, Platygonus oregonensis, Platygonus pearcei, Platygonus pollenae, Platygonus scagliae, Platygonus setiger, Platygonus striatus, Platygonus vetus, Antaodon cinctus

Ecology: ground dwelling browser-grazer