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Sylvicola Harris 1780 (wood gnat)

Insecta - Diptera - Anisopodidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 138661

Synonyms: Asarcomyia Scudder 1890 (no. 138662), Bria Giebel 1856 (no. 264283), Rhyphus Latreille 1804 (no. 260374)

Full reference: M. Harris. 1780. An Exposition of English Insects, Including the Several Classes of Neuroptera, Hymenoptera, & Diptera, or Bees, Flies, & Libellulae 73-166

Parent taxon: Anisopodidae according to M. Wojto? et al. 2018

Sister taxa: Anisopus, Eoanisopodites, Huaxiarhyphus, Mycetobia longipennis, Mycetobia platyuroides, Mycetobiinae, Olbiogaster, Olbiogastrinae, Teginae, Thiras, Jurolaemargus, Leptoplecia, Gansuplecia

Subtaxa: Sylvicola baltica, Sylvicola cadaver, Sylvicola carolae, Sylvicola fenestralis, Sylvicola hoffeinsorum, Sylvicola hooleyi, Sylvicola lugubris, Sylvicola maculata, Sylvicola prisca, Sylvicola punctata, Sylvicola splendida, Sylvicola thiriona

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