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Theledectes Modesto and Damiani 2003 (parareptile)

Reptilia - Procolophonia - Procolophonidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 139047

Full reference: S.P. Modesto and R. J. Damiani. 2003. Taxonomic status of Thelegnathus browni Broom, a procolophonid reptile from the South African Triassic. Annals of Carnegie Museum 72(1):53-64

Parent taxon: Leptopleuroninae according to S.P. Modesto and R. J. Damiani 2003

Sister taxa: Anomoiodon, Hypsognathus, Kapes, Leptopleuron, Libognathus, Mandaphon, Phonodus, Sclerosaurus, Scoloparia, Soturnia

Subtaxa: Theledectes perforatus

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Type: Thelegnathus perforatus