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Collignoniceras Breistroffer 1947 (ammonite)

Cephalopoda - Ammonitida - Collignoniceratidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 14709

Alternative spelling: Prionocyclus (Collignoniceras)

Invalid subtaxa: Acanthoceras (Prionotropis) Meek 1876 [replaced name] (no. 129997), Collignoniceras (Selwynoceras) Warren and Stelck 1940 [replaced name] (no. 338167), Prionotropis Meek 1876 [replaced name] (no. 129996), Selwynoceras Warren and Stelck 1940 [replaced name] (no. 15612)

Parent taxon: Collignoniceratinae according to W. J. Kennedy and A. S. Gale 2016

Sister taxa: Cibolaites, Collignonicerites, Gauthiericeras, Lecointriceras, Lymaniceras, Prionocyclites, Prionocycloceras, Prionocyclus, Reesidites, Subprionocyclus, Subprionotropis

Subtaxa: Collignoniceras bravaisianum, Collignoniceras carolinum, Collignoniceras jorgenseni, Collignoniceras percarinatum, Collignoniceras praecox, Collignoniceras vermilionense, Collignoniceras woollgari, Prionotropis casperi, Prionotropis caurinus, Prionotropis hiltensis, Selwynoceras mexicanum

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Type: Ammonites woollgari

Ecology: fast-moving nektonic carnivore