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Cupes Fabricius 1801 (reticulated beetle)

Insecta - Coleoptera - Cupedidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 153435

Synonyms: Cupoides Motschulsky 1856 (no. 153440), Distocupes Neboiss 1984 (no. 194393), Tenomerga Neboiss 1984 (no. 194392)

Full reference: J. C. Fabricius. 1801. Systema Eleutheratorum Secundum Ordines, Genera, Species Adiectis Synonymis, Locis, Observationibus, Descriptionibus, Tomus II 1-687

Parent taxon: Cupedinae according to A. G. Kirejtshuk et al. 2016

Sister taxa: Anaglyphites pluricavus, Apriacma, Asimma, Barbaticupes, Chalepocarabus, Cretomerga, Cupedini, Cupidium, Cupopsis, Ensicupes, Furcicupes, Gracilicupes, Kirghizocupes, Latocupes, Mallecupes, Menatops, Mesocupedini, Mesocupes, Miocupes, Platycupes sogdianus, Priacma sanzii, Priacmini, Priacmopsis, Pterocupes, Pulchicupes, Taxopsis

Subtaxa: Cupes distinctissimus, Cupes eckfeldensis, Cupes groehni, Cupes hoffeinsorum, Cupes kerneggeri, Cupes komissari, Cupes longus, Cupes manifestus, Cupes messelensis, Cupes ponomarenkoi, Cupes praeglacialis, Cupes rohdendorfi, Cupes simillimus, Cupes tesselatus, Cupes tessellatus, Cupes weitschati

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