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Dollosuchoides Brochu 2007 (crocodilian)

Reptilia - Crocodylia

PaleoDB taxon number: 155302

Full reference: C. A. Brochu. 2007. Systematics and taxonomy of Eocene tomistomine crocodylians from Britain and northern Europe. Palaeontology 50(4):917-928

Parent taxon: Tomistominae according to H.-Y. Shan et al. 2009

Sister taxa: Atacisaurus, Atacisaurus glareae, Dollosuchus, Ferganosuchus, Gavialis breviceps, Gavialis curvirostris, Gavialis leptodus, Gavialis pachyrhynchus, Gavialosuchus, Kentisuchus, Maomingosuchus, Maroccosuchus, Megadontosuchus, Paratomistoma, Penghusuchus, Rhamphosuchus, Thecachampsa, Tomistoma, Tomistoma lyceense, Toyotamaphimeia

Subtaxa: Dollosuchoides densmorei

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Type: Dollosuchoides densmorei

Ecology: carnivore