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Nucinella Woods 1850 (clam)

Bivalvia - Solemyida - Manzanellidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 16156

Invalid subtaxa: Cyrillona Iredale 1929 (no. 89445), Neopleurodon Hertlein and Strong 1940 (no. 89447), Nuculina d'Orbigny 1844 [replaced name] (no. 114515), Pleurodon Wood 1840 [replaced name] (no. 136165)

Full reference: S. V. Woods. 1850. A monograph of the Crag Mollusca, or, descriptions of shells from the middle and upper tertiaries of the East of England. Part II. Bivalves 1-302

Parent taxon: Manzanellidae according to E. V. Coan and P. Valentich-Scott 2012

Sister taxa: Huxleyia, Manzanella, Posterodonta

Subtaxa: Neopleurodon subdolus, Nucinella alleni, Nucinella calabra, Nucinella chipolana, Nucinella cincta, Nucinella dalli, Nucinella dobergensis, Nucinella dumasi, Nucinella glabra, Nucinella glabrata, Nucinella gunteri, Nucinella hedleyi, Nucinella laevigata, Nucinella liasina, Nucinella maxima, Nucinella microdus, Nucinella miliaris, Nucinella moarianus, Nucinella nakremi, Nucinella oregona, Nucinella ovalina, Nucinella ovalis, Nucinella pissarroi, Nucinella seguenzai, Nucinella serrei, Nucinella svalbardensis, Nucinella taylori, Nucinella viridula, Nucinella woodii, Nuculina pretiosa

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Type: Pleurodon ovalis

Ecology: facultatively mobile infaunal chemosymbiotic