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Eoscapherpeton Nessov 1981 (hellbender)

Osteichthyes - Caudata - Urodela

PaleoDB taxon number: 161670

Synonym: Mynbulakia Nessov 1981 (taxon 161669)

Full reference: L. A. Nessov. 1981. Amfibii i reptilii v ekosistemakh Mela sredney Azii [Amphibia and reptiles in Cretaceous ecosystems of central Asia]. The Problems of Herpetology. Fifth Herpetological Conference. Abstracts 91-92

Parent taxon: Cryptobranchidae according to P. P. Skutschas 2009

Sister taxa: Andrias, Aviturinae, Cryptobranchus

Subtaxa: Eoscapherpeton asiaticum, Eoscapherpeton superum

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Type: Eoscapherpeton asiaticum