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Barcinosuchus Leardi and Pol 2009 (crocodilian)

Reptilia - Loricata - Peirosauridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 164273

Full reference: J. M. Leardi and D. Pol. 2009. The first crocodyliform from the Chubut Group (Chubut Province, Argentina) and its phylogenetic position within basal Mesoeucrocodylia. Cretaceous Research 30:1376-1386

Parent taxon: Peirosauridae according to J. M. Leardi and D. Pol 2009

Sister taxa: Barrosasuchus, Bayomesasuchus, Gasparinisuchus, Kinesuchus, Lomasuchinae, Lomasuchus, Patagosuchus, Peirosaurinae, Pepesuchinae, Rukwasuchus, Stolokrosuchus

Subtaxa: Barcinosuchus gradilis

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Ecology: carnivore