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Phoenicopterus stocki Miller 1944 (flamingo)

Reptilia - Ciconiiformes - Phoenicopteridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 164290

Full reference: L. Miller. 1944. A Pliocene flamingo from Mexico. Wilson Bulletin 56(2):77-82

Belongs to Phoenicopterus according to L. Miller 1944

Sister taxa: Phoenicopterus copei, Phoenicopterus croizeti, Phoenicopterus floridanus, Phoenicopterus minutus, Phoenicopterus novaehollandiae, Phoenicopterus roseus, Phoenicopterus ruber

Type specimen: Calif. Inst. Tech. 3,245, a limb element (tibiotarsus (distal end)). Its type locality is Yepomera, which is in a Hemphillian terrestrial horizon in Mexico.

Ecology: ground dwelling carnivore