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Micrina xiaofanensis Li and Xiao 2004 (lamp shell)

Tommotiida - Tannuolinidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 167320

Full reference: G. Li and S. Xiao. 2004. Tannuolina and Micrina (Tannuolinidae) from the Lower Cambrian of eastern Yunnan, south China, and their scleritome reconstruction. Journal of Paleontology 78(5):900-913

Belongs to Micrina according to G. Li and S. Xiao 2004

Sister taxa: Micrina etheridgei, Micrina pusilla, Micrina ridicula

Type specimen: NIGPAS-136140 (mitral sclerite). Its type locality is Bed 17, Xiaotan Section, which is in a Meishucunian/Tommotian marine siltstone/dolomite in the Yu'anshan Formation of China.

Ecology: facultatively mobile epifaunal suspension feeder