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Orthriochiton Vendrasco and Runnegar 2004 (chiton)

Polyplacophora - Paleoloricata - Preacanthochitonidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 171692

Full reference: M. J. Vendrasco and B. Runnegar. 2004. Late Cambrian and Early Ordovician stem group chitons (Mollusca: Polyplacophora) from Utah and Missouri. Journal of Paleontology 78(4):675-689

Parent taxon: Preacanthochitonidae according to M. J. Vendrasco and B. Runnegar 2004

Sister taxon: Listrochiton

Subtaxa: Orthriochiton utahensis

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Type: Orthriochiton utahensis

Ecology: facultatively mobile epifaunal grazer