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Cherninia Damiani 2001 (tetrapod)

Osteichthyes - Temnospondyli - Mastodonsauridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 172536

Full reference: R. J. Damiani. 2001. A systematic revision and phylogenetic analysis of Triassic mastodonsauroids (Temnospondyli: Stereospondyli). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 133(4):379-482

Parent taxon: Mastodonsauridae according to R. J. Damiani 2001

Sister taxa: Bulgosuchus, Capitosaurus arenaceus, Capitosaurus bogdoanus, Capitosaurus polaris, Cyclotosaurus spitzbergensis, Heptasaurus, Jammerbergia, Komatosuchus, Labyrinthodon lavisi, Mastodonsaurus vaslenensis, Parotosuchus dirus, Stenotosaurus, Subcyclotosaurus, Tatrasuchus, Wellesaurus, Odontosaurus voltzii, Odontosaurus, Xestorrhytias, Xenotosuchus, Xestorrhytias perrini, Selenocarinae, Archotosaurus, Kestrosaurus

Subtaxa: Cherninia denwai, Cherninia megarhina

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Ecology: amphibious carnivore