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Sigmophlebia Béthoux and Beckemeyer 2007 (winged insect)

Insecta - Cnemidolestodea - Protembiidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 175623

Full reference: O. Béthoux and R. J. Beckemeyer. 2007. New and rare insect species from the Wellington Formation (Orthoptera, Grylloblattodea; Lower Permian, USA). Alavesia 1:49-61

Parent taxon: Protembiidae according to D. S. Aristov 2016

Sister taxa: Aibolitus, Barmaleus, Kirovopteron, Kuplya, Paratillyardembia, Parbarmaleus, Protembia, Repka, Sojanoraphidia, Soyanocadaver, Sylvardembia, Tshekardembia, Tshekardomina, Ventopterum

Subtaxa: Sigmophlebia engeli, Sigmophlebia rugulosa, Sigmophlebia udmurtica

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Type: Sigmophlebia engeli