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Barracudasaurus Jiang et al. 2005 (ichthyosaur)

Ichthyopterygia - Ichthyosauria - Mixosauridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 176770

Full reference: D.-Y. Jiang, W.-C. Hao, M. W. Maisch, A. T. Matzke, and Y.-L. Sun. 2005. A basal mixosaurid ichthyosaur from the Middle Triassic of China. Palaeontology 48(4):869-882

Parent taxon: Mixosauridae according to D.-Y. Jiang et al. 2005

Sister taxa: Ancanamuninae, Barracudasauroides, Mixosaurinae, Mixosaurus, Phalarodon, Phalarodontinae

Subtaxa: Barracudasaurus maotaiensis

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Type: Mixosaurus maotaiensis

Ecology: nektonic carnivore