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Mondegodon Tabuce et al. 2011 (eutherian)

Osteichthyes - Acreodi

PaleoDB taxon number: 183658

Full reference: R. Tabuce, J. Clavel, and M. T. Antunes. 2011. A structural intermediate between triisodontids and mesonychians (Mammalia, Acreodi) from the earliest Eocene of Portugal. Naturwissenschaften 98:145-155

Parent taxon: Acreodi according to R. Tabuce et al. 2011

Sister taxa: Andrewsarchus, Mesonychia, Oxyclaenidae, Oxyclaenus, Triisodontidae

Subtaxa: Mondegodon eutrigonus

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Type: Mondegodon eutrigonus

Ecology: scansorial carnivore