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Sinopelecinus Zhang et al. 2002 (wasp)

Insecta - Hymenoptera - Pelecinidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 183707

Full reference: H. C. Zhang, A. P. Rasnitsyn, and J. F. Zhang. 2002. Pelecinid wasps (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Proctotrupoidea) from the Yixian Formation of western Liaoning, China. Cretaceous Research 23:87-98

Parent taxon: Iscopininae according to H. Feng et al. 2010

Sister taxa: Allopelecinus, Archaeopelecinus, Azygopelecinus, Cathaypelecinus, Eopelecinus, Iscopinus, Megapelecinus, Praescopinus, Scorpiopelecinus

Subtaxa: Sinopelecinus daspletis, Sinopelecinus delicatus, Sinopelecinus epigaeus, Sinopelecinus hierus, Sinopelecinus magicus, Sinopelecinus viriosus

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Type: Sinopelecinus delicatus