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Agathiceras applanatum Teichert 1944 (ammonite)

Cephalopoda - Ammonoidea - Agathiceratidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 184308

Full reference: C. Teichert. 1944. Two new ammonoids from the Permian of Western Australia. Journal of Paleontology 18(1):83-89

Belongs to Agathiceras according to B. F. Glenister and W. M. Furnish 1961

Sister taxa: Agathiceras (Agathiceras), Agathiceras anceps, Agathiceras applini, Agathiceras ciscoense, Agathiceras contractum, Agathiceras divisum, Agathiceras frechi, Agathiceras girtyi, Agathiceras jilinense, Agathiceras mediterraneum, Agathiceras sequaxilirae, Agathiceras suessi, Agathiceras sundaicum, Agathiceras tornatum, Agathiceras uralicum, Agathiceras verkhoyanicum, Agathiceras vulgatum

Type specimen: UWA 21451. Its type locality is Wandagee Hill, 300 yards E of SE Gully, Mungadan Paddock, which is in a Roadian marine siliciclastic in the Coolkilya Formation of Australia.

Ecology: fast-moving nektonic carnivore

Average measurements (in mm): shell width 8.50, shell diameter 18.8