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Australosuchus clarkae Willis and Molnar 1991 (crocodile)

Reptilia - Crocodylia - Crocodylidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 190760

Full reference: P. M. A. Willis and R. E. Molnar. 1991. A new Middle Tertiary crocodile from Lake Palankarinna, South Australia. Records of The South Australian Museum (Adelaide) 25:39-55

Belongs to Australosuchus according to Willis and Molnar 1991

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: QM F16788, a partial skeleton (Almost complete skull and mandible, incomplete cervical and dorsal vertebrae, scapula, humerus and dermal armour). Its type locality is Tedford Locality, Lake Palankarinna, which is in an Oligocene/Miocene lacustrine horizon in the Etadunna Formation of Australia.

Ecology: carnivore