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Bonapartenykus ultimus Agnolin et al. 2012 (coelurosaur)

Reptilia - Avetheropoda - Alvarezsauridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 243260

Full reference: F. L. Agnolin, J. E. Powell, F. E. Novas and M. Kundrát. 2012. New alvarezsaurid (Dinosauria, Theropoda) from uppermost Cretaceous of north-western Patagonia with associated eggs. Cretaceous Research 35(1):33-56

Belongs to Bonapartenykus according to F. L. Agnolin et al. 2012

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: MPCA 1290, a partial skeleton. Its type locality is Salitral Ojo de Agua (general), which is in a Campanian/Maastrichtian fluvial sandstone in the Allen Formation of Argentina.

Ecology: ground dwelling carnivore