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Coleopteron spectabilis Heer 1865 (beetle)

Insecta - Coleoptera

PaleoDB taxon number: 243889

Alternative combination: Glaphyroptera spectabilis

Full reference: O. Heer. 1865. Die Urwelt der Schweiz 1-622

Belongs to Coleopteron according to A. Handlirsch 1906

Sister taxa: Coleopteron antiquus, Coleopteron aquaticus, Coleopteron beyrichi, Coleopteron bractoides, Coleopteron harpalinus, Coleopteron lentissimus, Coleopteron rugosostriatus, Coleopteron semicrematus, Coleopteron sibiricus, Coleopteron striatus, Coleopteron studeri, Coleopteron troglodytes, Coleopteron vetustus, Coleopteron wittsi, Coleopteron zekelii

Type specimen: Its type locality is Insektenmergel, Schambelen, Aargau, which is in an Angulata offshore claystone in the Insektenmergel Formation of Switzerland