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Lophiodolodus chaparralensis Stirton 1947 (mammal)


PaleoDB taxon number: 247648

Diagnosis: The specimen is a heavily worn right lower molar, M1; bunodont; enamel thick; four main cusps, opposite, not oblique in position; main cusps worn off so cusp arrangement is difficult to interpret; triangular in outline; apparently bracyo-lophiodont; wide anterior lingual cingulum; protoconid, though worn off , was evidently the largest cusp on the tooth, possibly it was conical and some what isolated, thoug not as much so as in Phenacodus nor as in Didolodus, thus being more of a lophiodont type.

Full reference: R. A. Stirton. 1947. The first lower Oligocene vertebrate fauna from northern South America. Compilación de los estudios geológicos oficiales en Colombia 7:327-341

Belongs to Lophiodolodus according to R. A. Stirton 1947

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: UCMP 37829, a tooth (Right Lower first molar)

Ecology: scansorial insectivore