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Simosthenurus antiquus Bartholomai 1963 (short-faced kangaroo)

Osteichthyes - Diprotodontia

PaleoDB taxon number: 248590

Belongs to Simosthenurus according to Bartholomai 1963

Sister taxa: Simosthenurus baileyi, Simosthenurus brachyselenis, Simosthenurus euryskaphus, Simosthenurus maddocki, Simosthenurus occidentalis, Simosthenurus pales, Simosthenurus tirarensis

Type specimen: QM F2875, a maxilla (left maxillary fragment containing P3, M1-2). Its type locality is Chinchilla, which is in a Pliocene/Pleistocene alluvial fan sandstone/claystone in the Chinchilla Sands Formation of Australia.

Ecology: scansorial omnivore