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Paraphaenogaster avita Fujiyama 1970 (ant)

Insecta - Hymenoptera - Formicidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 349564

Alternative combinations: Aphaenogaster (Deromyrma) avita, Aphaenogaster avita

Full reference: I. Fujiyama. 1970. Fossil insects from the Chojabaru Formation, Iki Island, Japan. Memoires of the Natural Science Museum, Tokyo 3:65-74

Belongs to Paraphaenogaster according to A. G. Radchenko and E. E. Perkovsky 2016

Sister taxa: Paraphaenogaster dumetorum, Paraphaenogaster hooleyana, Paraphaenogaster jurinei, Paraphaenogaster lapidescens, Paraphaenogaster maculata, Paraphaenogaster maculipes, Paraphaenogaster microphthalmus, Paraphaenogaster paludosa, Paraphaenogaster pannonica, Paraphaenogaster shanwangensis, Paraphaenogaster tertiaria

Type specimen: NSM-P1-7417 (Tokyo), an exoskeleton (Female complete body). Its type locality is Chojabaru-zaki, Iki Island, which is in a Langhian lacustrine - small diatomite in the Chojabaru Formation of Japan.


Average measurements (in mm): forewing 11.0 x 4.5