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Metadagnoceras youngi Bucher 1989 (ceratite)

Cephalopoda - Ammonoidea - Khvalynitidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 256409

Full reference: H. Bucher. 1989. Lower Anisian ammonoids from the northern Humboldt Range (northwestern Nevada, USA) and their bearing upon the Lower-Middle Triassic boundary. Eclogae Geologicae Helvetiae 82:945-1002

Belongs to Metadagnoceras according to H. Bucher 1989

Sister taxa: Metadagnoceras freemani, Metadagnoceras motoyoshiense, Metadagnoceras pulchrum, Metadagnoceras terbunicum, Metadagnoceras unicum

Type specimen: USNM 438310, a shell. Its type locality is Coyote Canyon HB 56, northern Humboldt Range, which is in an Aegean offshore limestone/siltstone in the Prida Formation of Nevada.

Ecology: nektonic carnivore

Average measurements (in mm): shell width 15.7, shell diameter 49.8