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Leninia stellans Fischer et al. 2013 (ichthyosaur)

Ichthyopterygia - Ichthyosauria - Ophthalmosauridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 260282

Full reference: V. Fischer, M. S. Arkhangelsky, G. N. Upensky, I. M. Stenshin, and P. Godefroit. 2013. A new Lower Cretaceous ichthyosaur from Russia reveals skull shape conservatism within Ophthalmosaurinae. Geological Magazine

Belongs to Leninia according to M. S. Arkhangelsky and N. G. Zverkov 2014

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: YKM 65931, a partial skeleton (an articulated but incomplete skull preserved in three-dimensions). Its type locality is Kriushi locality, 2 km southeast from Kriushi village, which is in an Aptian marine shale/shale in the Russian Federation.

Ecology: nektonic carnivore