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Lutocrinus Thompson et al. 2013 (Sea lily)

Crinoidea - Diplobathrida - Rhodocrinitidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 260652

Full reference: J. R. Thompson, W. I. Ausich, and L. Smith. 2013. Echinoderms from the Lower Devonian (Emsian) of Bolivia (Malvinokaffric Realm). Journal of Paleontology 87(1):166-175

Parent taxon: Rhodocrinitidae according to J. R. Thompson et al. 2013

Sister taxa: Ambonacrinus, Apoarchaeocrinus, Archaeocrinus, Atactocrinus, Balacrinus, Bromidocrinus, Bucucrinus, Cefnocrinus, Chaosocrinus, Cribanocrinus, Crinerocrinus, Diabolocrinus, Maquoketocrinus, Neoarchaeocrinus, Ortsaecrinus, Paradiabolocrinus, Pararchaeocrinus, Proexenocrinus, Rhaphanocrinus, Simplococrinus, Spyridiocrinus, Thylacocrinus, Trichinocrinus, Ursucrinus, Visocrinus

Subtaxa: Lutocrinus boliviaensis

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Ecology: stationary upper-level epifaunal suspension feeder