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†family Zhangsolvidae Nagatomi and Yang 1998 (fly)

Insecta - Diptera

PaleoDB taxon number: 310777

Synonym: Cratomyiidae Mazzarolo and Amorim 2000 (taxon 261557)

Full reference: A. Nagatomi and D. Yang. 1998. A review of extinct Mesozoic genera and families of Brachycera (Insecta, Diptera, Orthorrhapha). Entomologist's Monthly Magazine 134:95-192

Parent taxon: Stratiomyomorpha according to D. A. Grimaldi 2016

Sister taxa: Stratiomyidae, Xylomyidae, Xylomyiidae

Subtaxa: Buccinatormyia, Cratomyia, Linguatormyia, Zhangsolva

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Type: Zhangsolva