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Warkalania Gaffney et al. 1992 (turtle)

Reptilia - Testudinata - Meiolaniidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 261779

Etymology. Warka, Queensland aboriginal for turtle; lania, in reference to the usual endings for meiolaniids (Lanius is Latin for "butcher" but Owen (1886b) gave no indication of an etymology when he erected Meiolania).

Full reference: E. S. Gaffney, M. Archer, and A. White. 1992. Warkalania, a new meiolaniid turtle from the Tertiary Riversleigh Deposits of Queensland, Australia. The Beagle, Records of The Northern Territory Museum of Arts and Sciences 9(1):35-48

Parent taxon: Meiolaniidae according to J. Sterli 2015

Sister taxa: Gaffneylania, Meiolania, Ninjemys, Niolamia, Miolania

Subtaxa: Warkalania carinaminor

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Type: Warkalania carinaminor