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Atopodentatus Cheng et al. 2014 (diapsid)

Reptilia - Sauropterygia

PaleoDB taxon number: 288338

Full reference: L. Cheng, X. -H. Chen, Q. Shang and X. Wu. 2014. A new marine reptile from the Triassic of China, with a highly specialized feeding adaptation. Natuwissenschaften

Parent taxon: Sauropterygia according to L. Cheng et al. 2014

Sister taxa: Cercidopleura, Dicranopleura, Doliovertebra, Eosauropterygia, Ischyrosaurus, Microleptosaurus, Nanchangosauroidea, Nothosauria, Nothosauriformes, Nothosauripus, Pistosauria, Placodontiformes, Simosauria

Subtaxa: Atopodentatus unicus

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Type: Atopodentatus unicus