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Xyloiulus Cook 1895 (millipede)

Diplopoda - Chilognatha - Xyloiulidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 291137

Synonym: Xylobius Dawson 1860 [replaced name] (taxon 164846)

Full reference: O. F. Cook. 1895. Introductory note on the families of Diplopoda, in The Craspedosomatidae of North America. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 9:1-9

Parent taxon: Xyloiulidae according to S. Štamberg and J. Zajíc 2008

Sister taxon: Blanziulus

Subtaxa: Xylobius fractus, Xylobius platti, Xylobius renieri, Xylobius similis, Xyloiulus bairdi, Xyloiulus frustulentus, Xyloiulus mazonus, Xyloiulus pstrossi, Xyloiulus sellatus, Xyloiulus sigillariae

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Type: Xylobius sigillariae