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Eximipriapulus Ma et al. 2014

Eubilateria - Protostomia

PaleoDB taxon number: 304703

Full reference: X. Y. Ma, R. J. Aldridge, D. J. Siveter, D. J. Siveter, X. Hou and G. D. Edgecombe. 2014. A New Exceptionally Preserved Cambrian Priapulid From The Chengjiang Lagerstätte. Journal of Paleontology 88(2):371-384

Parent taxon: Priapulida according to X. Y. Ma et al. 2014

Sister taxa: Acosmia, Ancalagonidae, Archotuba, Corynetis, Fieldiidae, Lecythioscopa, Miskoiidae, Omnidens, Ottoiidae, Paraselkirkia, Priapulomorpha, Scolecofurca, Selkirkiidae, Sicyophorus

Subtaxa: Eximipriapulus globocaudatus

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Ecology: facultatively mobile shallow infaunal carnivore