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Yuanjiawaornis viriosus Hu et al. 2015 (bird)

Reptilia - Enantiornithes

PaleoDB taxon number: 317702

Full reference: D. Hu, Y. Liu, J. Li, X. Xu, and L. Hou. 2015. Yuanjiawaornis viriosus, gen. et sp. nov., a large enantiornithine bird from the Lower Cretaceous of western Liaoning, China. Cretaceous Research 55:210-219

Belongs to Yuanjiawaornis according to D. Hu et al. 2015

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: PMOL AB00032, a skeleton (a nearly complete and mostly articulated postcranial skeleton, missing the skull, cervical and cranial thoracic vertebrae, and most of the manual and pedal digi). Its type locality is Yuanjiawa, Dapingfang, which is in an Aptian lacustrine - large mudstone/marl in the Jiufotang Formation of China.

Ecology: ground dwelling carnivore