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Tachiraptor Langer et al. 2014 (neotheropod)

Reptilia - Saurischia

PaleoDB taxon number: 332598

Full reference: M. C. Langer, A. D. Rincón, J. Ramezani, A. Solórzano, and O. W. M. Rauhut. 2014. New dinosaur (Theropoda, stem-Averostra) from the earliest Jurassic of the La Quinta formation, Venezuelan Andes. Royal Society Open Science 1(2):1-15

Parent taxon: Neotheropoda according to M. C. Langer et al. 2014

Sister taxa: Averostra, Coelophysoidea, Dinoaves, Dracovenator

Subtaxa: Tachiraptor admirabilis

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Ecology: ground dwelling carnivore