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Protomelanitta bakeri Stidham and Zelenkov 2016 (waterfowl)

Reptilia - Anseriformes - Anatidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 347423

Full reference: T. A. Stidham and N. V. Zelenkov. 2016. North American–Asian aquatic bird dispersal in the Miocene: evidence from a new species of diving duck (Anseriformes: Anatidae) from North America (Nevada) with affinities to Mongolian taxa. Alcheringa 41

Belongs to Protomelanitta according to T. A. Stidham and N. V. Zelenkov 2016

Sister taxon: Protomelanitta gracilis

Type specimen: UCMP 31460, a set of postcrania (proximal humerus). Its type locality is Ione Valley 15, which is in a Clarendonian terrestrial horizon in Nevada.

Ecology: volant herbivore