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Wilaru prideauxi De Pietri et al. 2016 (waterfowl)

Reptilia - Anseriformes - Presbyornithidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 348726

SAM P.53136formerly UCMP 108052

Full reference: V. L. De Pietri, R. P. Scofield, N. Zelenkov, W. E. Boles, and T. H. Worthy. 2016. The unexpected survival of an ancient lineage of anseriform birds into the Neogene of Australia: the youngest record of Presbyornithidae. Royal Society Open Science 3(150635):1-16

Belongs to Wilaru according to V. L. De Pietri et al. 2016

Sister taxon: Wilaru tedfordi

Type specimen: SAM P.53136, a limb element (right tarsometatarsus). Its type locality is Leaf locality, Lake Ngapakaldi, which is in an Oligocene/Miocene fluvial-lacustrine horizon in the Wipajiri Formation of Australia.

Ecology: volant herbivore