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Hydromedusa tectifera Cope 1869 (Argentine snake-necked turtle)

PaleoDB taxon number: 361305

Synonyms: Platemys antiqua Ameghino 1882 (no. 361304), Platemys fossilis Ameghino 1882 (no. 361308), Platemys laevis Ameghino 1882 (no. 361311), Platemys robusta Ameghino 1882 (no. 361314)

Full reference: E. D. Cope. 1869. Seventh contribution to the herpetology of tropical America. Proceedings of the American Philosphical Society 11(81):147-192

Belongs to Hydromedusa according to M. S. de la Fuente et al. 2014

Sister taxa: Hydromedusa casamayorensis, Hydromedusa maximiliani