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Ichthyornis Marsh 1872 (bird)

Reptilia - Ornithurae

PaleoDB taxon number: 36624

Synonyms: Angelinornis Kashin 1972 (no. 134349), Colonosaurus Marsh 1872 (no. 100025), Plegadornis Wetmore 1962 (no. 117586)

Full reference: O. C. Marsh. 1872. Notice of a new and remarkable fossil bird. The American Journal of Science and Arts, series 3 4(19-24):344

Parent taxon: Ornithurae according to M. Wang and D. Liu 2015

Sister taxa: Apatornis, Archaeovolans, Carinatae, Cerebavis, Changzuiornis, Chaoyangiformes, Chaoyangornithiformes, Dromaeognathae, Gobipterygiformes, Guildavis, Hesperornithiformes, Iaceornis, Kuszholia, Liaoningornithiformes, Limenavis, Lithornis, Neornithes, Odontoholcae, Odontoholomorphae, Qinornis, Tingmiatornis, Yanornithiformes, Yixianornithiformes

Subtaxa: Ichthyornis dispar, Ichthyornis maltshevskyi, Ichthyornis minusculus

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Ecology: volant piscivore