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Anomalipes zhaoi Yu et al. 2018

PaleoDB taxon number: 372267

Full reference: Y.-L. Yu, K.-B. Wang, S.-Q. Chen, C. Sullivan, S. Wang, P.-Y. Wang, and X. Xu. 2018. A new caenagnathid dinosaur from the Upper Cretaceous Wangshi Group of Shandong, China, with comments on size variation among oviraptorosaurs. Scientific Reports 8:5030

Belongs to Anomalipes according to Y.-L. Yu et al. 2018

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: ZCDM V0020, a set of limb elements (an incomplete left hindlimb, including the left femur missing the distal end, the left tibia missing the proximal end, the left fibula missing the distal and pr). Its type locality is Kugou Quarry, Zhucheng, which is in a Campanian terrestrial sandstone in the Xingezhuang Formation of China.