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Probrachylophosaurus Freedman Fowler and Horner 2015

PaleoDB taxon number: 372649

Full reference: E. A. Freedman Fowler and J. R. Horner. 2015. A new brachylophosaurin hadrosaur (Dinosauria: Ornithischia) with an intermediate nasal crest from the Campanian Judith River Formation of northcentral Montana. PLoS One 10(11):e0141304

Parent taxon: Brachylophosaurini according to E. A. Freedman Fowler and J. R. Horner 2015

Sister taxa: Acristavus, Brachylophosaurus, Hadrosaurus, Maiasaura, Wulagasaurus

Subtaxa: Probrachylophosaurus bergei

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