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Ornithocheirus Seeley 1869 (pterosaur)

Reptilia - Pterosauria

PaleoDB taxon number: 38500

Synonyms: Cimoliornis Owen 1846 (no. 364881), Criorhynchus Owen 1874 [objective synonym] (no. 38499), Palaeornis Mantell 1835 (no. 363928)

Full reference: H. G. Seeley. 1869. Index to the Fossil Remains of Aves, Ornithosauria, and Reptilia, from the Secondary System of Strata, Arranged in the Woodwardian Museum of the University of Cambridge. Deighton, Bell, and Co, Cambridge 1-143

Parent taxon: Ornithocheiroidea according to B. Andres et al. 2014

Sister taxa: Anhanguera, Anhangueridae, Azhdarchoidea, Brasileodactylus, Cearadactylus, Euornithocheira, Guidraco, Istiodactylus, Liaoningopterus, Lonchodectes, Longchengpterus, Ludodactylus, Nurhachius, Ornithodesmus, Piksi, Pteranodontoidea, Tropeognathus

Subtaxa: Ornithocheirus simus, Ornithocheirus wiedenrothi

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Ecology: volant piscivore