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Vespersaurus paranaensis Langer et al. 2019

PaleoDB taxon number: 388270

Full reference: M. C. Langer, N. Martins, P. C. Manzig, G. S. Ferreira, J. C. Marsola, E. Fortes, R. Lima, L. C. F. Sant’ana, L. S. Vidal, R. H. Lorençato, and M. D. Ezcurra. 2019. A new desert-dwelling dinosaur (Theropoda, Noasaurinae) from the Cretaceous of south Brazil. Scientific Reports 9(9379)

Belongs to Vespersaurus according to M. C. Langer et al. 2019

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: MPCO.V 0065d, a partial skeleton. Its type locality is 2?km north of Cruzeiro do Oeste, which is in a Cretaceous eolian sandstone in Brazil.