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Moros intrepidus Zanno et al. 2019

PaleoDB taxon number: 399347

Full reference: L. E. Zanno, R. T. Tucker, A. Canoville, H. M. Avrahami, T. A. Gates and P. J. Makovicky. 2019. Diminutive fleet-footed tyrannosauroid narrows the 70-million-year gap in the North American fossil record. Communications Biology 2(1):61:1-12

Belongs to Moros according to L. E. Zanno et al. 2019

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: NCSM 33392, a set of limb elements. Its type locality is NCPALEOUT05, Stormy Theropod, which is in a Cenomanian delta plain mudstone/siltstone in the Cedar Mountain Formation of Utah.