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Metarhinus Osborn 1908 (brontothere)

Mammalia - Perissodactyla - Brontotheriidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 43046

Synonyms: Heterotitanops Peterson 1914 (no. 46959), Rhadinorhinus Riggs 1912 (no. 43060)

Full reference: H. F. Osborn. 1908. New or little known titanotheres from the Eocene and Oligocene. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 24(32):599-617

Parent taxon: Brontotheriinae according to M. C. Mihlbachler and T. A. Deméré 2010

Sister taxa: Acrotitan, Brontotheriini, Bunobrontops, Desmatotitan, Dolichorhinini, Embolotheriita, Protitanotherium, Telmatherium

Subtaxa: Heterotitanops parvus, Metarhinus cristatus, Metarhinus diploconus, Metarhinus earlei, Metarhinus fluviatilis, Metarhinus pater, Telmatherium accola, Telmatherium advocata

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Ecology: scansorial insectivore