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Family Trichechidae Gray 1825 (manatee)

Osteichthyes - Theriiformes

PaleoDB taxon number: 53126

Alternative spelling: Trichecidae

Synonyms: Halicorea Brandt 1846 (no. 84581), Halicoreae Brandt 1833 [objective synonym] (no. 84579), Manatida Brandt 1868 [objective synonym] (no. 84584), Manatidae Gray 1821 [objective synonym] (no. 43289), Manatoidea Gill 1872 [objective synonym] (no. 84585), Trichechoidea Gill 1872 [objective synonym] (no. 84587)

Full reference: J. E. Gray. 1825. An outline of an attempt at the disposition of Mammalia into Tribes and Families, with a list of genera apparently appertaining to each Tribe. Annals of Philosophy, new series 10:337-344

Parent taxon: Sirenia according to D. P. Domning 2008

Sister taxa: Crassitherium, Dugongidae, Dugongoidea, Manatherium, Manatus inornatus, Prorastomidae, Prorastomoidea, Protosirenidae, Pugmeodon, Rhytinidae, Sirenotherium, Sirenotherium pirabense, Sobrarbesiren

Subtaxa: Halicorina, Manatus aequatorialis, Manatus vulgaris, Miosireninae, Rytinina, Trichechinae

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Ecology: scansorial herbivore