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Paratoceras tedfordi Webb et al. 2003 (protoceratid)

Osteichthyes - Artiodactyla - Protoceratidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 56188

Full reference: S. D. Webb, B. L. Beatty, and G. Poinar, Jr. 2003. New evidence of Miocene Protoceratidae including a new species from Chiapas, Mexico. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 279:348-367

Belongs to Paratoceras according to S. D. Webb et al. 2003

Sister taxa: Paratoceras coatesi, Paratoceras macadamsi, Paratoceras orarius, Paratoceras wardi

Type specimen: UCMP V99089/173300, a partial skull (skull missing rostrum and zygomatic arches). Its type locality is Simojovel (Balumtum Sandstone), which is in a Miocene terrestrial conglomerate in the Balumtum Sandstone Formation of Mexico.

Ecology: ground dwelling browser

Average measurements (in mm): P3 16.6 x 9.9, P4 11.5 x 14.0, M1 12.4 x 13.9, M2 14.0 x 16.6, M3 14.5 x 17.0