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Bucklandia Sternberg 1825 (cycads)

Cycadopsida - Cycadales

PaleoDB taxon number: 56267

Senior homonym of currently in use Bucklandia Brongn. (Prodr. Hist. Vég. Foss.: 128. Dec 1828 & in Dict. Sci. Nat. 57: 129. Dec 1828); the generic name is proposed to reject (vide Doweld in Taxon 61: 1131-1132. 2012).

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Full reference: K. Sternberg. 1825. Versuch einer geognostischen botanischen Darstellung der Flora der Vorwelt. 1(4):1-48

Parent taxon: Cycadales according to A. B. Doweld 2012

Sister taxa: Apoldia, Aricycas, Beaniaceae, Cavamonocolpites, Crossozamiaceae, Cycadaceae, Dirhopalostachyaceae, Eucommiidites, Mesosingeria, Nilsonia, Nilsoniaceae, Zamiaceae

Subtaxa: Bucklandia anomala

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Type: Bucklandia anomala