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Daspletosaurus torosus Russell 1970 (tyrannosaurine)

Reptilia - Avetheropoda - Tyrannosauridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 57258

Mounted skeleton of Daspletosaurus torosus (FMNH).

Alternative combinations: Daspletosaurus torrosus, Tyrannosaurus torosus

Full reference: D. A. Russell. 1970. Tyrannosaurs from the Late Cretaceous of western Canada. National Museum of Natural Sciences, Publications in Paleontology 1:1-34

Belongs to Daspletosaurus according to T. D. Carr et al. 2017

Sister taxon: Daspletosaurus horneri

Type specimen: NMC 8506, a partial skeleton. Its type locality is RTMP Quarry 72, Steveville, (NMC), which is in a Campanian fine channel fill sandstone in the Oldman Formation of Canada.

Ecology: ground dwelling carnivore