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Presbyornis recurvirostrus Hardy 1959 (waterfowl)

Reptilia - Anseriformes - Presbyornithidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 57589

Alternative combination: Coltonia recurvirostra

Full reference: J. W. Hardy. 1959. A previously undescribed recurvirostrid from the Eocene of Utah. Auk 76(1):106-108

Belongs to Presbyornis according to G.P. Ericson 2000

Sister taxa: Presbyornis isoni, Presbyornis mongoliensis, Presbyornis pervetus

Type specimen: UKMNH No. 10105, a set of limb elements (fragments of left humerus, radius, ulna, and carpometacarpus). Its type locality is Mouth of Ephraim Canyon, which is in an Eocene lacustrine limestone in the Colton Formation of Utah.

Ecology: volant herbivore