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Mesadactylus ornithosphyos Jensen and Padian 1989 (pterosaur)

Reptilia - Pterosauria

PaleoDB taxon number: 63788

Full reference: J. A. Jensen and K. Padian. 1989. Small pterosaurs and dinosaurs from the Uncompahgre fauna (Brushy Basin Member, Morrison Formation; ?Tithonian), Late Jurassic, western Colorado. Journal of Paleontology 63(3):364-373

Belongs to Mesadactylus according to D. J. Chure et al. 2006

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: BYU 2024, a set of vertebrae (synsacrum). Its type locality is Dry Mesa Quarry [BYU], which is in a Kimmeridgian/Tithonian channel sandstone in the Morrison Formation of Colorado.

Ecology: volant piscivore